How to play on MajoGaming

Operating Environment

This site is designed to be used with the Safari and Chrome browsers on iPhone, and the Chrome browser on Android smartphones.
Other browsers are not recommended.

About NFT Gifting

If you click the “NFT” button while the Cast member is in the live room, their current image will be captured.
Check the preview of the captured image and clock “Publish NFT”
NFT issuance requires 5 ZAK coins. Published NFTs are automatically listed on the Jverse NFT market.
Proceeds from the NFT sale in the Jverse NFT market will be returned to the Cast member.
Your NFT can be traced on the ZAK blockchain here:

How To Play in Live Rooms

For paid viewing, you will be charged per minute. You will be charged for 1 minute at the start of viewing, and every minute thereafter. A Zak balance sufficient for 30 minutes or more of viewing is required in advance. If you have a sufficient ZAK balance, viewing starts automatically when you enter the room.
There is no chard in the free viewing rooms.
If you select a Cast Member and enter the Live Room during the Cast performance time, you can interact in real-time.
Communicate online by sending text messages, likes, and gifts to the cast.
Tip and send gifts to the cast with ZAK tokens.
When you send a gift, it is instantly visible to the cast.
As the number of tips and gifts you sends increase, so does your fan status and you gain the preferred attention of cast members.